How to Quit

Here are a few links to people / places / things that have inspired me to do something I'm interested in (and nope, these aren't affiliate links).

Friendly Internet Resources

  • I Will Teach You To be Rich. Corny name, great programs for personal finance, freelancing, and finding your dream job. I have bought 3 or 4 of Ramit's courses and have never been disappointed.
  • Escape from Cubicle Nation. Also a fantastic resource. Her book is wonderful. Pam is more about finding what you love, while Ramit just takes the tough love approach. To each his own.
  • Paid to Exist. Haven't done this one myself but I hear good things.
  • Start With Why. Simon Sinek did a wonderful TED talk a few years ago. Some great resources on this site.

Studies about Happiness

Work Your Way Around the World

  • Awesome book if you feel like it's time to expand your horizons.